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Far South Wilderness Camp has been owned and operated by The Friends’ School since 2007. The camp is operated as a not for profit facility which endeavours to provide an affordable and unforgettable wilderness experience for naturalists of all ages.
Far South Wilderness Camp Mission Statement.
In regard to school groups; Our mission is to provide a welcoming and comfortable camp environment to support young people in developing independence. We seek to instil a positive atmosphere, in the hope that students will perceive the development of resilience and living skills acquired at camp, as an enjoyable part of their journey to adulthood. As part of our ethos, we endeavour to provide a nurturing atmosphere where young people are respected and appreciated. This is evident in the provision of healthy and nourishing meals, a clean camp environment and professional, friendly staff. We seek to ensure that our location instils in young people a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. As such, we strive to provide a camp facility that contributes to environmental objectives within the Far South region.
In regards to guests of all ages; We endeavour to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment which ensures all guests have a thoroughly enjoyable stay. We aim for excellence in customer service and the provision of delicious healthy meals.
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